Platypus v6.1 Build 2141 Release Notes


Important Notices

- Payflow Pro: Starting September 1, 2009, Paypal will no longer be supporting version 3 of the Payflow Pro SDK. With this change, the Payflow Pro integration in Platypus has gone through a major revision. This change includes a switch from using the Payflow Pro SDK to using the HTTPS interface. This greatly reduces the complexity of configuring Payflow Pro for use with Platypus.

- IPPay Echeck (ACH): A change was made in build 2137 to the IPPay Echeck integration that switched the SEC (Standard Entry Class) code from PPD to TEL. This change is being reverted in this release. In addition, to allow for changes like this in the future, the SEC code for IPPay can now be customized through a new option "ECheck Service SEC Code".

- Security Fixes: In addition, a variety of bug fixes have been released in this build which improve the overall security and consistency within the Platypus Billing System. It is highly recommended that anyone planning to upgrade to Build 2141 read the Platypus Revision History before performing the upgrade.

- Wombat Release Notes: Starting with build 2141, separate release notes for Wombat will no longer be distributed. Any release notes will now be consolidated with the Platypus release notes.

Schema Changes

- No database structure changes have been made for the release of this build.



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